Night 1 – We sprung a leak!!

We have began our trip and have decided to spend 3 nights in beautiful Melrose, (275km north of Adelaide). We are staying at the showgrounds where there is lots of space and fresh air. All was going well, it was about 10pm, Chris was tucked up in bed, I was watching Netflix (as you do) when we heard this thump. Chris decided to investigate only to find we had water coming in under the fridge and all around the toilet. A hose had popped off, so half an hour later and several towels later we had a dry floor again. Not how I imagined our first night but all good now.

Today we went for a walk at Alligator Gorge. Beautiful cliff faces and running creeks. Check it out.

Alligator Gorge, tip toe your way through the gorge.
Lots of stepping stones.

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  1. Oh no.. lucky you hadn’t been travelling for hours on end, not realising there was a leak..
    love Alligator Gorge.. I grew up on the other side near Mambray Creek .. and the weather was just perfect today.. ☀️

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  2. Looks beautifull but doesnt compete with an office with no window and hours of computer work.I feel sorry for you both.Enjoy yourselves Tony

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