Hello Everyone, yesterday we arrived at Whyalla to a beautiful day of sunshine. Whyalla is in the Eyre Peninsula 386 km’s north west of Adelaide. The town of Whyalla has iron ore steelworks. This is a huge part of what makes the town thrive.

We went to the Whyalla show and was surprised at the size of it all. Lots of rides, side shows, animals and fireworks. Well worth a visit and much less expensive than the Adelaide version.

Today we went to see the HMAS Whyalla ship. One of 60 Bathurst-class corvettes constructed during World War II and and later commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy. It was blowing a gale so standing on top of the ship (which is out of water as you can see) was a little cool.

HMAS Whyalla

The tour of the ship only took about 50 minutes and it was really interesting to see how the navy men worked and lived on the ship. The photos below are the living quarters of the captain. The sailors had to share a room and slept in hammocks. During world war II the ship was mainly in the north of Australia and Papa New Guinea, so the conditions would have bloody hot and humid to say the least.

Captains sleeping quarters
The Galley – Everything works off steam including the ovens on the left. The galley is not much bigger than what you can see. 70 men to serve, 3 times a day. Phew!
Captains dining room.
The Brig – for naughty sailors!!
Captain Hewitt of course.

If you are ever in Whyalla it is well worth a visit and only costs $12. This includes the maritime museum. See ya

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  1. The Captain at the helm looks a bit older than when we first met, but I always say, having been grey for over 30 years myself, still, quite distinguished. We always wanted to see Australia but the distance and cost dissuaded us, so it is special that you will bring it to us. We look forward to all of your posts. Travel safe! Ken & Maria


  2. Hi Raelene and Chris..
    love the Whyalla photos.. I have past there many a time over the years and never stopped. Looks like I need a road trip too.
    Streaky Bay is lovely.. have an oyster or two for me.. lots of sight seeing to do..
    hope you are both keeping well 😍

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  3. Hi raels
    Looks like the begining of your trip you have found many secret spots and you havent gone over the border yet.
    Have enjoyed reading yr blogs keep them coming
    Safe travels…

    Liked by 1 person

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