West of South Aus.


Hello Everyone, yesterday we drove from Whyalla and drove to Cowell. Why? Well there was a bakery.


We also did our first free park at a pretty (although windy) place called Yeldulknie.

A weir was built here back in 1912 to help give the farmers water. A longer explanation is in the photo below If you are interested.

We then went on a walk around the tad dry reservoir and came across a sleepy lizard sunning himself, or herself…

It was really nice to spend a night away from lights and noise and take in the stars and silence.

I would recommend this as a place to visit. It is only 6 km’s from Cleve with toilets and rainwater. Yes a cup of tea made with rainwater.


697 km from Adelaide and we have arrived in Elliston. It is a small coastal town surrounded by farms. The ground around here is so rocky! They are everywhere, they even build fences with them.


We made a left turn Clyde and stopped to see a cave and some fantastic rock formations. See if you can find Christopher amongst the rocks in the fourth image.

Destination Streaky Bay…

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