Streaky Bay

Hello Everyone, On Thursday we decided to do the Cape Bauer loop. 39 Kms of beautiful beach and some amazing spots to stop and investigate. Hally’s Beach, Whistling Rocks and Blowhole (and blow it did!) and Cape Bauer.

We got to eat our lunch on a beautiful quiet beach as it glistened in the sun.

Lunch room.

Yesterday we visited two fishing villages called Baird Bay and Sceale Bay. Baird Bay is very small and took us all of 10 minutes. Sceale Bay is somewhat bigger with lots of houses being built. A nice spot if you like fishing and quiet.

We then made our way to Murphys Haystacks. Really amazing granite rocks in a paddock and some sheep thrown in too. I hope you enjoy the photos and I have put a little video on there for you too.

Live Video from Murphys Haystacks.
Sheep asleep

Last night we went fishing off the jetty in Streaky. The water was so calm and when we shone the torch into the ocean, we could see fish everywhere. I caught one!

Today we did the Westall Way Loop. If you like granite this is the one for you. You can walk all over it, search rock pools (check out the photo of the slug), watch waves crash against the granite and we even saw two seals swimming off the coast.

Points of interest are High Cliff, The Granites, Westall Point (four-wheel drive only, but you can walk in) and the Smooth Pool.

Until next time…

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