Hello Everybody, I would like to dedicate this post to our friend Tony H. Tony loves nothing better than photos of tall trees! Yesterday (8th September) we visited the ‘Valley of the Giants’. A tree top walk and Ancient tree walk amongst the Tingle trees. Absolutely beautiful. It is just about 17 Kms east of Walpole. We have heaps of photos and some information boards if you feel like a reading a bit. Enjoy.

After lunch Chris and I went to visit the ‘Fernhook Falls’. It is on the North Walpole road. Beautiful country with farms and cattle, a couple of emus (too quick to photo).

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  1. Definitely giant trees, they are taller than you Raelene šŸ˜‚ Loving the photos and dialogue, Iā€™m forwarding on to Sue Atwell as she is interested in your travels. X

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  2. Wow what amazing photos .. and such a beautiful place.. magical.. did you see heaps of wrens, I love them they are so cute.


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