Mt. Frankland

Hello Everybody, today we went to Mt. Frankland. It is north of Walpole. The granite peak of Mount Frankland (411 metres) dominates the skyline and vegetation ranges from Karri, Jarrah and Tingle forest. We did the look out walk first and then decided to do the Summit Walk. 1.2 Kms return trip. That does not sound too bad does it? A steep winding track climb ( I got this). 2 Ladders (still got this) and 302 steps (shit!). It was quite the climb and quite the view but I was really really glad when we got to the top. There may be a few more photos to come at a later date. Watch this space. 🙂

We also went on a morning walk from Walpole to Coalmine beach. It does not matter where you stay in Walpole, the caravan parks are beautiful as are the lakes and oceans.

We also went to the Swarbrick art loop. We decided it was time to give ourselves some culture. The loop of art is about the struggle of looking after our environment and all the years of dealing with the different powers that be. Yep busy day! Phew…

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