Hello Everybody, a few nights ago we went to the Ship Inn in Bussleton. If you are ever passing through or staying at Bussleton and looking for a good feed I would recommend this pub. The meals were plentiful, tasty and fresh. The waitresses were helpful and happy. So I just wanted to put in a good word for this pub.

We have been tasting all the delights of the Margaret River region and surrounds the last few days. Wine, Cheese, Chocolate and Ice cream just to name a few. Bussleton is about 50 Kms from Margaret River and 222 Kms south of Perth. It has a really really long jetty. (1.8 Kms) On the jetty is a train and right at the end is an aquarium.

The other towns we have visited are Yallingup, Bunbury and Dunsborough. They all have their own appeal depending on your taste, but I think my favourite was Yallingup. I have attached some photos of the areas for you as they can tell you so much more than I can. Enjoy.

Margaret River, the old village that began the town. Nice town set on a hillside. No shortage of shops or accommodation.

Bussleton – You will have to google the jetty, it is too big to photo!!

Yallingup Hotel – Built in the 1930’s. Beautiful inside and out!

Yallingup Gardens

Dunsborough – it was really about breakfast out! But here is a beach shot.

Beach shot.


And a couple of mermaids!


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