Hello Everybody, on Monday 23rd, Chris and I went to Rockingham. We backtracked to this beautiful coastal town. It is located south of Fremantle. It has a beachside location at Mangles. Absolutely stunning beach and setting. The water is so clear but turquoise in colour.

To the north stretches the maritime and resource-industry installations of Kwinana and Henderson. Offshore to the north-west is Australia’s largest naval fleet and submarine base, Garden Island, connected to the mainland by an all-weather causeway that is really cool. Kwinana Grain Jetty is huge and stretches out over the coastline.

To the west and south lies the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park where we went for a walk around the park.

We also come across this little baby brown.

Cute but deadly.

We are planning to spend the next 10 nights in and just out of Perth before we visit family. We plan to go to the Perth Royal Show and see a movie. Until next time.

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