Hello Everybody, yesterday we went to the John Forrest National Park. It is a national park in the Darling Scarp, 24 km east of Perth. What a beautiful spot. The bush, the creeks and the waterfalls make for a beautiful walk. The photos speak for themselves.

A sleepy lizard said hello.

Beautiful white flower, looks like it has been crocheted.

The Swan View Tunnel

The Swan View Tunnel is a former railway tunnel located on the southern side of the of Swan View in the John Forrest National Park. After its closure as a railway tunnel, it reopened as part of the John Forrest Heritage Trail.  It was quite deceiving when you entered the tunnel, it didn’t look very long but once you got in the middle it was very dark, cool and damp underfoot. The workmanship on this tunnel is beautiful.

Entrance of Swan View Tunnel

Some info on the tunnel, I hope you can enlarge and read. (if not google!)

Train crash. Very sad.

We had some friends join us for lunch. Mr Magpie and Mrs Parrot.

There is also a playground for the kids and a cold beer available at the pub to quench your thirst after your walk.

Wooden lizard.
Beautiful Grass Trees (black boys)

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