Hello Everybody, yesterday we went to the annual Perth Royal Show that is held in the suburb of Claremont. We caught a train in and that took us straight to the entrance of the show. Too easy! We watched cattle judging, wood chopping, had a beer, tasted free stuff, tried an adjustable mattress that actually goes in a van and went on the chair lift. But the highlight of the day for me was to hold a 12 month old female Wedge Tailed Eagle that had been injured and now cannot be returned to the wild. She was so alert and missed nothing that was going on around her. Absolutely stunning.

So beautiful and quite heavy.

We also could not resist a photo or two of the highlander cattle. So cute. Even the bull is cute.

Bull on the right in case you are wondering!!

We came across some really clever metal sculptures that were quite beautiful. But they wont fit in the van 😦

Fire pit, flower pot, cauldron – take your pick.
A grapevine.
This looked so real. Amazing.

MANDURAH – we went here a few days back. Nice foreshore setting and marina. It is located approx 72 Kms south of Perth. Yep we went backwards again, but on the train it is really relaxing and cheap. You can stroll around the bay or go swimming off the beach. There is no shortage of places to eat and you can hire a little boat and take yourself around the bay. On this day they had an artists festival. There were artists with their paintings resting on easels while they painted the landscape placed all around the bay. Some were really outstanding. Not a place I would want to live in, but each to their own.

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