Hello Everybody, A few days ago we stayed at this beautiful heritage listed homestead. It is about 34 Kms north of Geraldton. Oakabella Homestead was established in 1851 by James Drummond on 44,000 acres of land. The land, including and surrounding the homestead, was very important to the local indigenous tribes and confrontations were commonplace. Pauline gave us a guided tour of the homestead and the history of who lived and died here. Pauline was very informative without being boring and there is lots to see and learn. Some say the homestead is haunted!! In the winter months when the grounds are a bit greener they hold weddings and parties. You can also enjoy a scone at the tea rooms.

Barn, the corners were added later to support the building.
Kitchen. All the buildings used to have thatched roofs.
Shearing shed.
A couple of the family are buried under this beautiful Moreton bay fig tree

The sunsets were gorgeous over the hills.


Quite a big town on the coast about 414 Kms north of Perth. The foreshore is very pretty with lots of places for kids to play and swim.  There is a port for grain, iron ore, mineral sands etc.  We came across this crystal ball on the foreshore. No fortune telling was done but it did turn things upside down. Very cool.

Yep that is me standing on the other side from where Chris took the photo.
It is quite the tourist attraction


This light house stands out like no other, a bit like a barber shops pole. Standing 34 metres high it was the first all steel tower built on the mainland of Australia, back in 1878. With its bold colours, the lighthouse has become an icon of Geraldton.

A view from the shore.


Well the lake is anyway. The pink lagoon is a sight to see in contrast to the rest of the landscape. Hutt Lagoon lies just behind the town of Port Gregory and covers 70 square kilometres. It is coloured by the presence of algae known dunaliella salina, a bacteria which lives in the salt lake and is the source of the beta caratine which is extracted from the waters. The colour of the lake changes from red to pink to lilac, depending on the time of day, time of year and the cloud cover. The lake is mined both for its salt and for its food colouring properties. It is about 48 Kms north west of Geraldton. Very pretty.

Such a stand out.

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  1. Raelene your travelling is looking amazing Thanks for sharing your pics with us Annie xx

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