Hello Everybody, Kalbarri is a resort town at the mouth of the Murchison River, 569 Kms north of Perth. As you drive down the hill towards the town the water glistens at you and welcomes you in. We have done some coastal walks, gorge walks in the Kalbarri National Park and tried fishing in the river. We went snorkelling at Blue Holes and we may have a little video of this in another post. A beautiful spot, a little windy at times but lots to see and do.


Natural Bridge
Island Rock
A colourful cockroach joined the walk.


Kalbarri from a distance.

NATURES WINDOW – it was a little busy so we took a shot from the back.

Natures Window, google it to see the front.

RIVER TRAIL WALK – down into the gorge. Worth the effort.

We are headed down to the river you can see.
Down and down we go.

And finally…

The river!!
So tranquil
Love this shot of the tree and rocks.

PELICAN FEEDING – Everyday you can gather on the foreshore and a volunteer comes along and everyone can feed the pelicans. You cannot always guarantee how many will roll up as they are nomadic, but we were lucky on this morning.

Patiently waiting.
Yahoo, fish time.

RED BLUFF- town is just around the bend.

Christopher at Red Bluff lookout.

Yep another walk. Mushroom Rock loop.

So this is the walk.

A little video.

The whole view.
It was the best coast walk as it got you close to the sea.

And finally – today we went for a bit of a 4 wheel drive along the river and tried fishing yet again. Ho hum! All good fun though.

The Murchinson River

Oh and I found a bed, or at least the base. And they didnt want it to go anywhere!

Just add a mattress.
Padlocked to the tree. Ha ha.

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