Hello Everybody, Denham is 837 Kms north west of Perth in the Shire of Shark Bay. It is a really pretty little town and has not lost its little beach town feel. Although rather windy to say the least we enjoyed our stay here.

Before Denham we stopped off at Hamelin Pool where they have stromatolites. If you have been following my blog you will know we come across some of these in at Lake Thetis in Cervantes. The ones we seen here in the ocean are a lot larger more plentiful and have a red tinge just like the soil in the surrounding landscape. Beautiful clear waters.


We went into the Francois Peron National Park and visited the Heritage listed homestead where there is an old shearing shed and an artesian spa.  This water was once used to supply water to the stock, but now you are able to take a dip.

Shearing shed
An old wool press
Fancy a dip. It was a little too warm for today’s weather.

We were lucky enough to go on 2 cruises that left from Monkey Mia. This is a small coastal resort about 25 Kms from Denham. The catamaran we sailed on is called the Aristocrat II and was captained by Melody and her first mate was Chelsea. The first cruise was a 3-hour morning cruise where we got to see dugongs, dolphins and a couple of turtles. The second cruise was a sunset cruise and we really got to feel the power of the wind behind the sails as it pushed us through the water. Great fun.

Dugong Mum and Calf.

Night time cruise.

Ah the life…
Monkey Mia shore sunset.

Just out of Denham is the Little Lagoon. It is a beautiful swimming spot and a favourite spot for the resident Emu Dad and his chicks.

Eagle Bluff

This beautiful vantage point lets you look down into the bays from a boardwalk. From above it gives you a perfect view of reef sharks, sea turtles and manta rays. Just off the coast is Eagle Bluff Island and a bird sanctuary. Stunning area and well worth a look. There is also a camping ground further around the bay which lets you walk to the beach. 

Eagle Bluff Island – bird sanctuary.

Shell Beach.

We visited this beach as we left Denham. Shell Beach is one of only a handful of places on earth where shells replace beach sand.  The shells on the shoreline build up to 9 metres in depth. They make bricks out of the shells as they compact over the years. See below.

Waves of shells.

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