Hello Everybody, Carnarvon is about 900 Kms north of Perth on the coast. It is the quiet season here now as it is getting a bit warm and windy, so we pretty much have the place to ourselves. We have been to the space station, visited the Quobba blow holes and Station. And of course tried our hand at fishing once again.


The space station in Carnarvon played major roles in the 1960’s and 70’s in the NASA manned space program. A fun and informative morning checking out days gone by and a good time for adults and children. Well worth a visit if your visiting Carnarvon.

Astronaut Hewitt.

Everything is bigger in space, even the loo room!

Room for a rocket. Ha ha


The blowholes are about 75 Kms north of Carnarvon near Quobba Station and it is a camping area as well with a beautiful beach for swimming and snorkelling. These blow holes did not disappoint. No waiting around for the occasional spurt of water. It was continuous and if that wasn’t enough the waves crashing against the cliff tops were also spectacular to watch.

Crashing waves against the cliff face.

We saw these blokes on the rocks near the blow holes. Now we know how the blow holes work. We’ve all been had! 🙂

What the…


This pool is a water catchment area in the Gascoyne River. One of the few places in the river where it does not dry up.  The temperature when we got here was 37 degrees Celsius and it felt that hot too.  A very dry arid area at the moment with just this little pool of water to cool you down and give the local emus a place to drink.

If you look really hard you can see the Emu’s drinking.
Phew! Time for a cold one.
Not much to see here.


Unfortunately, the old jetty is not in use as it has been deemed unsafe. Although heritage listed, nothing seems to be happening to fix the jetty much to the frustration of the locals. Trains used to run out to the end of the jetty and it was quite the tourist attraction up to a couple of years ago. Locals still sneak out to the end to try their luck at fishing.

One Mile Jetty – Out of action
Boardwalk near the jetty. This didn’t seem to be finished either. Mmmm!

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