A little more Carnarvon

Hello Everybody, just a few more photos of Carnarvon. This was the old railway track that ran from town out to One Mile Jetty and the old train station seating.

After Carnarvon, we have been enjoying ourselves and the beautiful locations we have been visiting further north. Lots of snorkelling, swimming and sun. We were lucky enough to see some very colourful fish, some big fish, stingrays and turtles. Our first stay since Carnarvon was Warroora station. It is situated on 14 mile beach and we got to camp right on the beach. So nice!

We found some friendly crabs outside our van one night. When we walked close to the water and shone the torch near the waters edge there were hundreds of them.

Big enough to bite my toes! Bright yellow in colour.


After our beach stay we went onto Exmouth which is 1248 Kms north of Perth. It’s a gateway to nearby Ningaloo Marine Park with its coral reefs, colourful fish and migratory whale sharks. Nearly surrounding Exmouth, Cape Range National Park with Kangaroos, Emus and Dingos. This is as far north as we will travel before heading for home. We stayed at Exmouth and at Osprey Bay (Ningaloo Reef).

Turquoise Bay

Located approx 20Kms north of Exmouth. The cattleship SS Mildura, carrying Kimberley cattle south, foundered on the reef during a cyclone in 1907, however no lives were lost. The hull sat forelornly on the reef until WW11 when allied planes used it for bombing practice. 

SS Mildura wreck
One of the resident Emus at Exmouth

All the way to Exmouth are hundreds of termites mounds.

DINGO – I mentioned to Chris that I would love to see a Dingo in its natural habitat. On the morning we left Osprey Bay we were lucky enough to see this fellow running along the road ahead of us. Not the best photos. His colouring was reds and browns just like the range.

In the middle.

CORAL BAY – On our way back from Exmouth we stayed a night at Coral Bay. We went snorkelling and it did not disappoint. Coral, coral and more coral, amongst all the fish. And so close to the shore. Amazing.

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