Hello Everybody, we have been making our way back down the coast of WA from Exmouth over the last few days. We stayed in Carnarvon again on our way down. We were spoilt with our own carport. Nice little caravan park. Capricorn Caravan Park.

We have done some free camping on the way just out of Northampton (418 Kms north of Perth) and Merredin. (260 Kms North East of Perth)

We stopped in at Northampton and had a wander around. They have recently added all these painted sheep around the town with messages or paintings displayed on them.

Painted sheep

Merredin has a big rock situated right next to the campsite. They have been catching the water that runs off the rock and channelling it to a dam since the 40’s. So simple but so clever. And it gave us a good view of our surroundings too.

Climbing the rock.

After navigating our way around never ending wheat paddocks, dodging grain trucks and visiting some really nice little country towns we have arrived at Kalgoorlie.


We have arrived at Kalgoorlie to a bit of a warm weekend. 40! Not to worry, we watched the Super cars on tele and then went for a dip in the pool. Kalgoorlie is a town in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia, located 595 km east-northeast of Perth.

We went to Hannan’s North tourist mine to check out how they did it in the past and how they do it now. We got to play in the big truck and loader. They have a Chinese garden with some really big goldfish. We also got to pan for some gold, but you guessed it, no gold!

Cool hey!
A miner… 🙂
A one legged stool. (otherwise known as a plank of wood!)
One of the early prospectors in Australia
A selfie in front of the truck tyre.


The super pit (Fimiston Open Pit) is a huge mine just outside of town that is still very much in use and should be until 2029. It was Australia’s largest open cut gold mine until 2016 when it was surpassed by the Newmont Boddington gold mine also in Western Australia. It was fascinating to watch the huge trucks shrink in size as they wound their way down and down and around into the depths of the mine. Once they have reached the bottom, they looked like ants.

Super Pit, you cant quite see the bottom here.
Can you see the truck?

Very fascinating.

We have to cross the Nullarbor now. Catch you back in SA.

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    1. Hello Ken and Maria, from Kalgoorlie we headed south down the east of WA to Norseman. From there we crossed the Nullarbor back into SA. So we are now back in our home state. But I will keep posting as we are going a couple of places we didn’t on the first stint. Thanks for following. 🙂


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