Hello Everybody, we have been back in SA for about 6 days now after making our way from WA across the Nullarbor and into SA.


On the way to the west we meant to stay at these beautiful cliffs but missed the turn off. We managed to find it this time and it is a beaut free campsite sitting right above the ocean. A nice spot to sit and watch the ocean while sipping a bevvy.

Bunda Cliffs WA

PENONG – this little town on the Nullarbor Plain, in the far west of the state of South Australia is located about 616 kilometres north-west of the state capital of Adelaide.  It has a windmill collection and it claims the biggest windmill in Australia called ‘Bruce’.

And yes it works.
Very fancy! The rotor blades turn out when in use.

VENUS BAY – On the Eyre Peninsula. I did an earlier blog about Venus Bay back in September, but we didn’t stay that time. This time we did as Christopher really wanted to get into some serious fishing. The photo below was from our first visit. We did manage to catch a squid. Yes just one.

Early shot from September, no jeans and jumper this time.

THE TUB – Just up the road from Venus Bay is Elliston, another little fishing town and here they have ‘The Tub’. a large crater with a tunnel connection to the sea and a granite base. It is 10 – 30 metres deep and 50 metres across. Beyond ‘The Tub’ is a dramatic cliff face that offers long views to the south along Talia Beach. We walked all along the rock formations and watched as the sea swelled and crashed into the rocks. Slippery when wet!

yep you guessed it, The Tub
We sat here and watched the waves roll in…

Feeding time at Venus Bay. The birds would gather whenever the fisherman would clean their fish. We saw a couple of fillets get nabbed by those pesky pelicans much to the dismay of the fisherman.

The bay in the background.

Today we are in Coffin Bay hunkered down in the caravan as the winds pick up outside and the weather gauge just keeps on climbing. Not a nice day anywhere in SA. Keep safe everyone and check on your loved ones.

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