Hello Everybody, we have been staying here for the last week and I must say it is nice to be back in the van and travelling again even if it is only just down the road from home. Hindmarsh Island is about 93 Kms south of Adelaide and when you drive back over the bridge you find yourself in Goolwa. Of course, Hindmarsh Island is well known as the place where the Murray River meets the Southern Ocean. Captain Charles Sturt and Collet Barker identified and mapped the Murray Mouth in 1828.

In 2001 after some controversy with the locals, the bridge was completed, and this replaced the cable ferry that had been in use for about 140 years. This enabled simple access to the island and today has a population over a thousand with the ‘Coorong Quays’ a big attraction with its marina and new housing. Now if we were really clever we would have got a photo of the bridge for you, but you will have to google it. Oops. 🙂

I prefer the Hay Paddock to the Quays.

MURRAY MOUTH – A short drive to the other side of the island and we are at the Murray Mouth. You will see the dredging is going on in the photo.

Along the coast are the towns of Goolwa, Middleton, Port Elliot and Victor Harbour. Goolwa and Port Elliot have markets on weekends, selling fresh produce as well as second-hand goods, clothing, hats, skin products etc. Love a market!


The Goolwa Barrages comprise five barrage structures in the channels separating Lake Alexandrina from the sea at the mouth of the River Murray and the Coorong. Nice spot for a picnic too if you wish.



If you are in the Victor Harbour (or Encounter Bay) and want to see it all at once,  climb the bluff! It is actually called Rosetta Head, but everyone just calls it ‘The Bluff.’ Great views and a good walk to get the heart rate up.

From halfway up the Bluff and yes we had rain, glorious rain!!


Opposite the North East tip of Hindmarsh Island and about 40 Kms by road as you have to drive around the coast to get there. A pretty spot on the Murray and a good many sail boats and canoeing goes on here. Nice spot.


From Clayton Bay if you head north for about 12 Kms you get to Milang. This region has acres of vineyards and it is quite pleasant to drive through. Milang was a major port for the Murray River between 1860 and 1880 until railway took over. Again, a nice spot situated on the west of Lake Alexandrina. At this time of the year, all these little towns get booked out over the Australia Day long weekend due to the Goolwa Regatta.

Beautiful Park on the edge of the water
Milang Jetty
Milang Shacks


Wellington is located at the point where the Murray River enters Lake Alexandrina, 102 km south-east of Adelaide via Murray Bridge and Tailem Bend. There is a cable ferry crossing here and a really nice pub on the rivers edge.

Nice place to enjoy a cold beer on the lawn out the back of the pub.
Cable Ferry

Well first blog with pictures for 2020. I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time.

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