Hello Everybody. As I mentioned in my previous blog, we will be staying close to home for a few more weeks before heading east. So, we have been staying at the Mt Pleasant caravan park. Nice little park managed by Dave who is really helpful and friendly. Mt. Pleasant is only 55 Kms from Adelaide in the hills and part of the Barossa Council. Every Saturday there is a market selling fresh produce and a great place to enjoy a cooked breakfast. Mt. Pleasant has 2 pubs, a butcher, 2 bakeries (1 does fish and chips too) and a gin distillery. You won’t go hungry if you ever choose to stay here. Everything is in walking distance from the park and there are some really nice little stone cottages to check out as you walk up the tree lined main street.


Chris and I went for a walk here and it took us through part of the Mt. Crawford Plantation Forest. It is an interesting walk as you get to see trees at all different stages, from seedlings to logs ready to be loaded up and taken away. They are used for housing, furniture and pallets. The trees can grow for up to 40 years. Of course, there is the local Kangaroos and Emus and if that is not enough the view from the summit is stunning. You can do anything from a 4 Km walk up to a 11 Km walk.

Summit View
Emu family. We had to watch Dad as he was a bit wary of us.


This bush walk is located just outside of Williamstown or about 21 Kms north west of Mt. Pleasant. It is a great track with a bit of everything from rocks, logs, creeks, Yakka bushes, great views and is only just over 4 Kms. But be sure to keep a look out for the wildlife. We found a brown snake sunning itself on the track. I really liked this walk as the track takes you through bush that is it mainly untouched.

Little Critter (Brown snake)

While we were at Mt. Pleasant the ‘Santos Tour Down Under’ bike riders came through and Chris took a couple of shots. Lots of police, media and support cars. The bikes were here and gone again in a flash.

Race leaders.
The rest of the pack

We will catch you again in February. 🙂

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