Hello Everybody. We are in the Port of Sale, Victoria or Sale as most call it. Sale is in the Gippsland and about 213 Km East of Melbourne. It is quite a big town with all you could want here. We are basing ourselves here while we go visiting surrounding areas but we will also check out Sale too. We opted to stay at the showgrounds in Sale and the facilities are really nice as was Bonnie who manages bookings.


I was in my element today (Wednesday 26th) as we went to this glorious national park that is full of tree ferns and really tall trees (Giant Mountain Ash). With running creeks, mist and rain it was perfect as you climbed your way up the hill. We went for a walk in the rain to the suspension bridge so please enjoy the photos. They are great but being there is better.


After our walk we headed straight down to the coast to the town of Port Albert. A town on the coast of Corner Inlet on the Yarram. Yarram is a little bigger with lots of heritage buildings and we may have taken it in more if not for the gale force winds and rain. To be honest the main reason we went to Port Albert is the fish and chips. Highly recommended. I would give them a 7 out of ten. Sorry no pictures, we could hardly get out the car door as the wind was so strong. 

Today (Thursday 27th) we thought we would do less driving and check out the town of Sale and its local attractions.


Some really interesting paintings, sculptures and drawings. I really liked the pieces from local artist Peter Cole. If your interested check out the link below.


Lovely gardens set next to Lake Guthridge. Named after the first Sale mayor, Nehemiah Guthridge. The lake was originally a bog, but Guthridge suggested converting it into a lake. There was also a playground and a peacock. Enjoy 😊


For Mothers who were forcibly separated from their newborn babies without legal representation, justification or legislation.

β€œThey never saw the beauty of their baby asleep, never heard their first words or saw their first steps. They did not take them to their first day of school or see them walk down the aisle”.

Premier of Victoria, Ted Baillieu (Victorian Parliamentary Apologies) 25.10.2012


A pretty walk through gums and then the boardwalk, starting from the edge of the swamp, winds its way through deeper water and a small reed bed.


At the junction of the Thomson and Latrobe Rivers is located a spectacular, nineteenth century Swing Bridge. It was designed to swing open for shipping to and from the Port of Sale. Built of cast iron cylinders and fittings and wrought iron trusses, the bridge is 61 metres long with a central swing span of almost 46 metres. The bridge was built in 1880 to 1883. This bridge is the oldest surviving, intact, Swing Bridge in Australia. Pretty cool! The bridge can be seen working every weekend and is quite impressive. I have never seen one like it before.

Took 15 minutes to rotate.


Located about 348 Kms east of Melbourne. Although a minor gold rush was experienced in the mid-1800s, the town was primarily a resting place and later a supply town for miners. Great Pub and an entry point for the Alpine National Park, Avon Wilderness Park and Mitchell River National Park. Love this countryside. Pictures speak louder than words. We had lunch at the pub and enjoyed its decor.

Ute bar!!


The 14,250-hectare national park is situated approximately 320 kilometres east of Melbourne. We entered the park not really quite sure where this little dirt track was going to take us. We were heading for Billy Goat Bend camping site and walk. After winding up and down and around we came to this peaceful campsite (tents only). It has a great view of the river below and a couple of walks to enjoy the park.


Today (Saturday 29th) I got us a little bit lost but that is OK, we found this beautiful big lake that is inland off the coast of Golden and Paradise Beaches. They are part of the 90 mile beach.


So now we have found our way here. It is a really pretty cool place and lots of room for boats, fishing and just enjoying the scenery. With over 400 square Kms of waterways there is plenty of room to move. About 293 Kms east of Melbourne in the Gippsland Lakes area. We arrived to find a boat regatta in full swing. Lots of interesting old speed boats, sailing boats and even a shack boat with a band. Who knew?

Yes, it did go out and drive around while they sung.
It had a back door as well. You might get a bit wet though!


Pretty much a 5-minute trip on the ferry from Paynesville and you are on Raymond Island. The island is about 6 Kms by 2 Kms and has lots of Koalas. So many in fact they have a Koala Walk. We saw seven koalas on our walk and there is also a board walk taking you along the coast if you wish. The island has a population (people) of around 500. 

Can you find the Koala?


About 16 Kms up the road from Sale is Maffra. They had a farmers market today (Sunday 1st) and also a car show. Unfortunately none of the farmers turned up so no fruit and veg. But the cars were interesting.

This was so cool, lots of home made work, clean metal only, who needs paint!
Cute but tiny.

We are on the road again tomorrow. Until next time… thanks for following. πŸ™‚

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