Hello Everybody. 513 Kms east of Melbourne, this peaceful little coastal town is a fisherman’s paradise. With an estuary consisting of a top and bottom lake, there are many well set up inlets to fish from.  The town has 4 Caravan Parks with the largest one on the foreshore having approximately 700 sites. During holiday season the towns population can increase by 8000. We would have visited the Croajingalong National park and done some walking, but this town was severely affected by fires also and so the park is still not considered safe.

Part of the Foreshore camping area.
Unfortunately a lot of the walking tracks were unsafe.


About 11 Kms from Mallacoota, Gypsy Point is tucked away on the top lake. Very peaceful and secluded.

A party of 6 boats enjoying the life at Gypsy Point.


Chris tried some fishing and did have a small success on the first day and caught a flat head. Unfortunately, that was it. But the scenery was pleasant…

1 flat head and yes we ate it!
You can see the excitement on his face!


Built during the second World War, the Mallacoota Bunker was never intended to be, nor was it ever used as an air raid shelter or as a fortification. It was the headquarters of RAAF coastal intelligence activity in the region. The main purpose of its operations was surveillance of the area to assist in keeping our sea lanes open.


We went for a walk along this pretty beach with its rugged coastline. As you can see the recent fires met the sea at this point as they did in several places in Mallacoota. As we walked, we found lots of Blue Bottle jellyfish (actually not a jellyfish but a siphonophore) of which I had not seen in quite some time. The tentacles can still sting you when Blue Bottle is dead or even if they become detached. Ouch!!

Blue Bottle

After a chilled out week here at Mallacoota, we are heading north up the coast, just short of 300 Kms tomorrow. That will put us firmly in the state of New South Wales.

Until next time… Thanks for following 🙂

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