Hello Everybody. Yep we are in New South Wales. From Mallacoota we made our way up the coast and visited some really pretty towns. The effects of the fire could be seen all the way to Eden which is about an 85 Km drive from Mallacoota. Eden is right on the coast and set on a hillside. We stretched the legs and took in the scenery.


We made our way to Bega which of course is known for its cheese and now the owner of Vegemite. Chris and I went to the cheese factory and Chris sampled the cheeses. But none were bought this time around. From there we kept heading north and came to the town of Cobargo. Unfortunately, fire devastated this town and many buildings in the main street were lost as were homes. I have never seen so much country affected by fire as I have these last couple of weeks. It is truly remarkable how anyone could fight these fires, and the homes they saved, but they did!

Narooma was the next town we visited and wow. Very nice spot and the water brought back memories of Western Australia. The water is so clear and no surprise,it is the town for Oysters.

Even with fire affected areas, it was a really nice drive all the way as you wound your way through some lush green hills, National forests and coastline.


So, Batemans Bay. The Clyde River flows from The Clyde National Park and into the bay. It is famous for its Oysters also and about 277 Kms south of Sydney. Today we went for a walk on the beach at Batehaven just down the road and then we went to the Murramarang National Park and did some four-wheel driving until we came out of at this beautiful secluded beach. Oaky Beach.

A lizard enjoying the sun.
Oaky Beach with lawn.
Oaky Beach with sand
How big would this cuttlefish have been!!

And a couple of other spots and met some of the locals.


This old drawbridge that crosses the estuary is being replaced with a new one that will be high enough to let the boats go underneath of it. The locals are a bit sad about the old one going but they cannot get spare parts for it anymore and it has got stuck open a couple of times. As this is part of the national highway it was not a good thing. So bye bye old bridge. ☹

You can see the concrete pillars of the new bridge behind with the cranes.


If you are in the need for some retail therapy this is the place to go. Or if you want to eat pies, fudge, Ice cream and lollies, they got that too. The best shop (in my opinion) was ‘In and Out at Mogo’. If I didn’t live in a van, I could have bought all these little helpful things for the home. Very interesting. We did the tourist route on the way there. We saw a large pod of dolphins swimming here too. We woke up to rain this morning (Sat 14th), so different to yesterday.

This afternoon we went for a drive to see if Chris could find a nice fishing spot. It is a bit windy today and as he is only using a plastic lure and no sinker it didn’t quite work. I found a road called Mills Fishing Road, (must be fish with a name like that!) that takes you through the forest and winds down to the Clyde River. We found lots of Oyster beds and Mosquitoes but no real places to fish. The upside is we got to explore some more and we got this really good photo looking over Batemans Bay.

Overlooking Batemans Bay through burnt gum trees with new foliage after the fire.


About 8 Kms north west, situated on the Clyde river is a little town called Nelligen. We went here to go to the local markets. Covid19, need I say more. So, we went for a drive along the Clyde River tourist route. And it was delightful.

Yep, you drive across it.


We did manage to go to some markets at Moruya which is about half an hour up the road. There is a granite quarry and the granite from here was used to make the Sydney Harbour Bridge amongst other things. Hard yakka back then.

Our little campsite at Batemans

We are heading off to Coledale tomorrow.

Until next time… Thanks for following 😊

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