Hello Everybody. We are about 230 Kms south of Sydney in the hilly coastal town of Ulladulla due to a change in plans as you would have seen in my last blog. Lots of Kookaburras laughing at us around here and beautiful views.

But no loo paper here either! In case you were wondering. 😊

We went for a walk today (Tues 17th) to see the Warden Head Lighthouse. It opened in 1873 and is still in use today. When you see the rocks around this beach, it is a good thing too! We went for a walk along the coast through a wooded area and then onto the beach itself. It is such a beautiful day and it is Chris’s Mums Birthday today.

“Happy Birthday Pat” xx

We then went for a walk in the Wildflower Reserve. The Reserve was burnt in August 2018 and only reopened on the 1st of September 2019. It is totally the wrong time to be looking for wildflowers, but it is still a nice walk amongst the trees and Bracken fern. That was until Chris found a tick on his elbow and I decided we needed to leave. It had not attached itself to Chris, so he was none the worse for it. We were warned about ticks a few weeks ago, especially the further north we go. ☹

A Banksia with bubbly bark.
Before we found the tick!

Take care Everyone, and be kind to each other.

Until next time… Thanks for following 😊

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