Hello Everybody. 18 Kms north of Wollongong and about 67 Kms south of Sydney you will find Coledale. Mt. Keira in the Illawarra mountain range circles above us. We are staying right on shoreline at the Surf Life Saving camping ground.

Yesterday we watched a surfer walk out onto these rocks and get flattened trying to get into the water. Crazy! He was Ok and eventually got in and surfed.


A very cool bridge at the cost of 52 million. It links the towns of Coalcliff and Clifton up the road from Coledale. It is a balanced cantilever bridge. It runs along the rock face of the mountain range and it is a strange feeling as you drive or walk on it. You feel like you are out in the ocean. If they have rock slides the bridge is safe from falling debris.

Once you get over the bridge you keep driving and climbing up the mountain range until you get to Bald Hill Lookout. Quite spectacular. They hang glide off this hill. Wow.

Can you see the bridge way down there?
There were 4 cruise liners just off the shore. We think they are all in quarantine.
The village of Stanwell. Long way down!


Today (Thurs 19th) we visited Wollongong. A city of concrete apartments and holiday hotels along the coast. It is about 86 Kms south of Sydney and the third largest city in NSW. It reminded me of the Gold Coast. It has a big steel industry also on the coast which is quite distinct from the rest of the apartment filled coastline. Two light houses – Head Lighthouse (still active) and the Breakwater Lighthouse that sits on the heritage listed Wollongong Harbour. We could not believe the amount of people swimming, surfing, exercising in the park and the skydivers floating down from the sky quite frequently into a park.

Doesn’t anyone work around here? 🙂

Both Lighthouses.
Head Lighthouse
Steel Industry. A bit fuzzy, but you get the idea.
Breakwater Lighthouse.

We are heading north on our way to Newcastle and surrounds.

Until next time… Thanks for following 😊

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