Northern Territory

Hello Everybody, as mentioned in my last blog we have now set off and heading north. We left a little later than intended on Thursday after a little hiccup with the hitch but thankfully got that sorted and made it to Port Augusta around 4 pm for an overnight stop. Port Augusta is approximately 322 Kms north of Adelaide.  It is known as the Crossroads because the Stuart Highway to the north heads to Alice Springs and Darwin. The Eyre Highway to the west heads to the Nullarbor and the Eyre Peninsula and the Princes Highway to the south heads to Adelaide.


We arrived here on Friday arvo and after setting up the van went for a drive into town. Coober Pedy (the name is from indigenous Anangu words “kupa” and “piti” meaning “white man” and “hole in the ground”), is approx. 846 Kms north of Adelaide and 75% of the world’s commercial opal is mined here. Pretty cool hey! As you drive in you see lots of piles of dirt mounded all over the place. As I mentioned there are some huge commercial mines but also smaller privately owned mines too. Watch your step!

view of the town

Boot Hill – yep the cemetery. Lots of European settlers came to make their fortune after world war II. I love the headstone on this one.

Faye’s Home and Mine

We visited this underground home and mine and were shown around by Grant and Jan the caretakers of this site. Faye was the original owner and dug the home and mine out using only pick and shovel back in the 70’s with the help of a couple of girlfriends. They even built an inside pool.

The Mine

This has been drilled out for easy access, it was a lot smaller when being worked.

Faye did very well out of the mine and went back to Queensland where she was from originally to breed racehorses. She passed away a few years ago.

Serbian Church

The Entrance.

Breakaways – about 20 Kms out of Coober Pedy this land was once covered by sea 70+million years ago. I have never been to the moon but I felt like I had landed on it driving through this landscape.

We arrived into the NT today. Watch this space.

Until next time. Thanks for following… 🙂

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  1. Your trip has brought back memories of when we visited CP. Mum always wanted to go so we went as a family for her 80th birthday. I thought it must be like being on the moon, definitely one of a kind place.
    Stay safe and well xx


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