Hello Everybody. We spent today (Wednesday 19th) discovering camels, bush tucker and Yidarki.


Today we went for a little ride on some camels. Pascal led us around and talked about the camels and the camel racing held annually. We visited the saddlery. Each camel has its own saddle as each camel has its own shape with each saddle weighing about 15kgs. The camels can carry a load up to half their body weight, so a full-grown camel can carry about 400kgs.  All the camels are sourced from outback Australia which has thousands of wild camels as they are totally at one with the environment here.  It is a really well set up farm and well worth a visit. Like so many other businesses they are really missing the tourists due to good old ‘Rona’. There is also a reptile show if you want to check out the local snakes and lizards. Oh and the bar has just been refurbished and is worth checking out.

I think we were keeping him awake.


We went into the town square of the resort and did some free stuff. The first was about bush food and where to find it and what to eat and more importantly what not to eat. We got to try some biscuits made with wattle seed.

The second free stuff thing we did was how to play the didgeridoo. (this was more for Chris as he already owns one) Yidarki is the actual name used by the indigenous, didgeridoo is just a sound it makes. It was really fun and the bloke teaching it was really good and Chris got to practice his skills. Sorry no pictures. They have free stuff all the time and it is really cool to learn about the area and traditions.

 KATA TJUTA (Previously the Olga’s)

Today (Thursday) we arose early and set off for Kata Tjuta. The loop walk was around 7.5 Kms and took us up steep rock faces, over rocky creek beds and finally up to the top of the gorge to look down over the valley below. This walk is called the ‘Valley of the Winds Walk’ and for good reason. Once you got to the top it was quite windy but a beautiful spot to take in the view.

First sighting (for us anyway)
The view from the Windy Gorge.

We also did the ‘Gorge Walk’ which is only 2 Kms return. It takes you up through a Gorge as the tall walls of the Kata Tjuta shadow your walk. Once you reach the gorge there are green trees and shrubs where the native animals live. Not that we could see any. These walks unlike Uluru rock, allows you to walk slap bang in the middle of these huge wonders and it really is beautiful.

Looking back out from the Gorge
The Gorge
Walking in alongside magnificence. (me on the right)

Until next time. Thanks for following 🙂

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