Hello Everybody. I know there are lots of photos, but I couldn’t choose. I hope you enjoy.


Today (Saturday 22nd) we did the Kings Canyon Rim walk. It is a daunting steep rock stepped start, but once you get going, you are at the top in no time. The walk is a loop and about 6 Kms long. It is quite up and down as you are walking over rock the whole time, so you do have to watch your step. There is a couple of side-tracks to take and they offer another view of this canyon that just keeps going and going. It really is spectacular. The first track we took was Cotterill’s bridge and the second was the Garden of Eden and the waterhole. As we are on the cliff rim you have to work your way down to the garden and waterhole in the gorge. Again, really nice. But when you go down you have to come up to the rim again. The rest of the walk is along the canyon rim and eventually a gradual climb down. Probably feel it in the legs tomorrow but worth it.

The 500 steps up
Getting there…

Garden of Eden
Creek leading to waterhole
The path down


And as if we had not walked enough, we decided to do this one too. This is an easy walk and only about 2.5 Kms long. It meanders along to the natural spring. On the way you pass some old cattle stock yards, the old water tank where they used to water the cattle and the aboriginal story of how the spring came to be.  The photos below have more information for you.

From green to dry

This is Mount Connor. You will see it as you are driving on the road towards Uluru.

Until next time… Thanks for following 🙂

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