Hello Everybody. We have left Alice and driven to Tennant Creek (Thurs 27th). Lots of long straight road this time, but a bit more traffic. They all seem to be going the other way… Tennant Creek is about 988 Kms south of Darwin. On the way we stopped at Barrow Creek and also the ‘Devils Marbles’ or Karlu Karlu.

Barrow Creek is another link in the Telegraph line running from Adelaide to Darwin. Not much here with the exception of the necessary fuel and pub.

Marbles – Karlu Karlu



Gold wonderful gold. In 1925 Charles Windley found a small deposit of gold but it wasn’t until the 1930’s that it really took off. No one actually believed that gold could be found in this area, but it was the first-time gold was found in something other than quartz. Ironstone was found to have gold within it and they soon found copper and silver in the area also. It brought people from all over to try their luck as the Great Depression was still taking affect. An interesting place to visit.

Nobles Nob was one of the most successful mines and was started by blind cattleman Bill Weaber, his wife Kathleen and prospector Jack Noble who was also blind in one eye. Jack also discovered ‘The Pinnacles’ in Western Australia. Over the life of the mine 32 tonnes of gold was produced. Hard yakka back then. 

A happy miner.


Remember the Devils Marbles earlier, well this is the poor cousin. The Pebbles.


Part of the continuing telegraph line that ran from Adelaide to Darwin. Beautiful old buildings that were built to last.

LAKE MARY ANN (previously Mary Ann Dam)

A man-made dam that offers a place to swim, canoe and relax on the green lawns surrounding it. A change from the harsh landscape of Tennant Creek.

DALY WATERS (Saturday 29th)

A little off the Stuart Highway and approximately 407 Kms from Tennant Creek, you will find Daly Waters. It has the distinction and honour of being the first international airfield in Australia. Initially the airstrip was used for a mail run from Queensland to the NT. It was then a refuelling point for international Qantas flights flying onto Singapore through Darwin. When World War II hit Australia, military air traffic took over civilian air traffic. The airstrip is still in use today, but the hanger is not. We also visited a tree that explorer John McDouall Stuart is said to have carved an ‘S’ into it. We couldn’t find the carving in the tree.

Bit of a giggle.
Airstrip – still in use today.


First established in 1930 and licensed in 1938, the pub is the hub of the town. Well it is the town! It once catered for passengers and crew arriving at the airfield, as well as travellers and farmers. A fun pub with lots to look at. We spent a fun night in the pub, had a dip in the pool, ate some fresh caught Barramundi for dinner (we didn’t catch it) and listened to live music. We also took a look at the local museum.

Need a shoe?
The Bra Bar.
Museum of cars and other strange things.
Lights still work.


Just up the road, about 90 Kms from Daly Waters is Larrimah. Known for its Pink Panthers and 15 foot stubby pub. The pub was the original officer mess in WWII. It also has a museum about this period.  A unique and well put together museum with some excellent photos.

Homemade pies too!

There will be another blog soon. We have not had internet for a while, so slowly catching up.

Until next time…. Thanks for following 😊

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