Hello Everybody. We arrived here on Sunday 30th of August.  (Happy Birthday Zack xx) We have not had the luxury of the internet lately, hence the lateness of the blog.

Mataranka is approx. 360 Kms south of Darwin. It is the traditional country of the Mangarayi and Yangman Aboriginal people. If you know your Aussie movies this is the place where ‘We of the Never Never’ all began. The home of Aeneas and Jeannie Gunn, Jeannie wrote the book from which the film is based. The house we got to see is just a replica of the original.


We have managed to drag ourselves to the local thermal pool on several occasions now. It is clear with a tinge of blue as the water is at a constant 34° C. The pool is fed from Rainbow Springs which produces 30.5 million litres every day. Surrounded by palms it is really nice. There is another pool called ‘Steve’s Pool’ but this is no longer open for swimming and is just over a 1 Km walk from caravan park. You can still picnic there if you wish, but I would keep an eye out for the local crocodiles.

Tonight, we went and listened to a country/old time singer. And then we got to watch Nathan Griggs who is a whip cracker. He is in the Guinness Book of records for the most cracks of a whip in minute. Fairly good and some good entertainment.

a little video for you.


Today (1st Sept.) we went into the Elsey National Park. There are a few things to look at along the way, the first being the Aboriginal Army Camp. This was set up by the Native Affairs Branch in Darwin in early 1942. To ensure the natives were safe from Japanese bombings in Darwin, they were moved here. They helped greatly by working on the new airstrip, timber carting and orderly’s in the hospital just to name a few jobs. Not much left now.

Worth a read.

There are lots of little stops as you follow along the Roper River. We were lucky enough to not to see any crocs, but we did see a big black pig. We let him have right of way and if your lucky you can spot the back of him in the photo below. The river has a launching area for a boat if you wish to fish and we saw some swimming around.  

The black object in the middle of the picture is the pig. Really!
Crocodile cage

The next two photos were a beautiful part of the river. You could walk out onto the rocks, whilst keeping a keen eye out!


This afternoon we visited the Bitter Springs. It is another thermal pool just up the road but a lot bigger and very natural. It has quite a strong current and lots of logs.  Sorry no photos. On the way home we saw another pig and lots of little piglets. Really!


Here are some photos that Chris took of the birds in the park we were staying at.

CANE TOAD. 😦 they come out at night. Ick!


Man-made this termite mound is found in the town of Mataranka and explains all about the little critters. 🙂

Turn up the volume 🙂

Until next time…. Thanks for following 😊

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