Hello Everybody. We arrived in Katherine on Thursday 3rd and found a nice shady caravan park to stay in. Katherine is about 320 Kms south of Darwin. It is quite a big town. I know this because it has a Maccas! A very tidy and friendly town.

John Mcdouall Stuart, (it is the Stuart Highway you travel on from Port Augusta SA to Darwin NT) was best friends with James Chambers who funded 5 of Stuart’s northern expeditions. Katherine is named after one of Chambers daughters. The Jawoyn people call it Nitmiluk. It means Cicada place.

Today (Friday) we set off at 0715 to the Katherine Gorge to have a bit of a walk.

After about an hour we got to Paddy’s Lookout. You can look out over the gorge and down to the water from the rock ledge. Quite breathtaking.

It was pretty warm by now and we headed off for Jedda’s Rock. Another stunning look out and you can see canoes and touring boats in the water below. We then followed the track down and around and ended up going around in circles. They are working on all the trails and the signs are no longer correct, so it got a little tricky. Anyway, with the help of a couple of other walkers we started our journey back

It was really bloody hot by this time and the heat coming off the ground was incredible. After 11 Kms of walking I was feeling a little off, so Christopher, bless his little cotton socks, walked the last 2 Kms and got the ranger to come an collect me in the Land-cruiser. Phew!!

A nice walk on a cooler day maybe…


This morning we went for a walk down to the Katherine River. It is a short walk from the park and really pretty.

We then took another short stroll to the hot springs about 350 meters down the path. These hot springs have little waterfalls and are a little cooler than the ones at Mataranka, especially the refreshing bottom pool. No photos. Peoples privacy. 😊

Relaxing after our dip in the pool.


Today (actually today!) we went on a boat tour down the Katherine Gorge. It was a two hour journey with a short walk in between two gorges. Many photos to enjoy.


This rock gets its name from a 1955 Australian movie ‘Jedda’. It was the first movie to star two aboriginal people as the leads. The movie is about the life of Jedda as she moves from living with a white family in the NT and then moving back into tribal life for love. And a stunning rock it is too. As I mentioned earlier, we walked here yesterday and had a view from the top down.

Jedda’s Rock.

More photos of our tour.

People in canoes.

The red buoy you see in the photo above is to help detect salt water crocodiles. The crocodiles will bite the buoys to see if they are edible. If the rangers can see teeth marks in a buoy, it is time to catch a crocodile and re-locate. This will occur more in the wet season when they can move more freely from gorge to gorge. In 1998 they had such a good wet season that the town of Katherine was 3 meters deep in water. They found a salt water croc in the butcher shop!


Wahoo, our first sighting of a crocodile. We were lucky enough to see a freshwater crocodile sitting on a rock sunning itself as we were leaving to come back to dock. This is actually 3 different photos, but it sat so still like a statue, you would think it is the same photo.

Smiling for the camera.

They are very timid and will avoid people when they can. With a smaller narrower jaw, they like to swallow their food whole, so that is all the better for us.


This little mum was here to welcome us back when we returned from our tour. She has a joey in her pouch.

Until next time…. Thanks for following 😊

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