Hello Everybody. We have driven about 256 Kms east from Darwin to Jabiru which is in the Kakadu National Park. The town of Jabiru was originally set up back in 1982 as a closed town to house the community living at Jabiru East near the Ranger Uranium Mine eight kilometres away. Kakadu National Park covers an area of 19,804 km². Well known for its wetlands, waterfalls and stunning sandstone cliffs.


Within in the East Alligator region of the Kakadu National Park you will find Ubirr. A rock formation well known for its rock art. The art depicts traditional foods and tells stories about law and creation, some being up to 20,000 years old. It is an easy walk and at the end you get to climb a rock formation which takes you above the wetlands below. It was so green. Stunning.

Tasi tiger painting

The rock formations here are beautiful. Layer upon layer upon layer!

Then there came the view. Wow!!


A pleasant if not smelly walk through the mangroves alongside the river. The smelly part is the bats that live in the trees above. There were lots of them but once you got past that part of the walk it was pleasant and shady. There were birds and lizards and viewing platforms to see the river.

Bats galore…


This is a road crossing over the Alligator River when the tide is low. When the sea from Van Diemen Gulf reaches high tide, it sends water down the river and with the tide comes the fish. With the fish comes the crocodiles and with the crocodiles come the people. Some people fish while the tide is coming in as the barramundi are plentiful. I counted 34 crocodiles at one point, but they were still coming after that.

Low tide
Water is rising, here comes lunch!
Lunch time
They even wave to you.

There is lots more to Kakadu than what I have shown you but some things are not open due to corona and the time of the year. If you want to come visit, June, July and August are you best months. It has been a constant 38° C here. Love the pool.

Until next time…. Thanks for following 😊

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