Hello Everybody, now I have internet, we can catch up. We have arrived back in Darwin (Thursday 24th) to have another look around as we did enjoy it the first time around. We chose to stay at Coolalinga Caravan Park this time. New owners have just taken over and although an old park it is huge. Lots of room for potential. It already has a great pool and beautiful trees.


We drove out to Manton Dam. Built in 1942, the dam was a reliable water source for Darwin. Now it is used for recreational purposes such as fishing, boating, jet-skiing and has a large picnic area. It is not advised to swim as yes, the crocodiles like it here too. There are also large flocks of Magpie Geese on and around the water.


We arose earlyish on Saturday 26th and took ourselves off the Parap Markets. Chris enjoyed a nice Pho noodle soup and I had a delicious crepe with apricots and slivered almonds. We washed them down with freshly squeezed fruit juices. Genuinely nice! There is fruit and veg available to buy as well as jewellery, rugs, clothing and the list goes on.


We revisited Nightcliff and found lots more people fishing off the jetty today and successfully. Beautiful spot.


Howard Springs Nature Park has been a recreational venue for the people of Darwin since World War II. Settlement of the suburb began in 1864. In 1939, Howard Springs was the first major water supply area to service Darwin. Later Manton Dam supplied water to Darwin. A popular spot for kids parties as there is a great wading pool and lots of picnic areas. You can follow the track into the rainforests to see the spring that feeds the pool. The pool has turtles and various fish.

Howard Springs Pool


We spent our last afternoon in Darwin at the cove. It has many crocodiles obviously but also has Rays and fish. People can hope in a tank and get up close with the crocodiles if they choose. Most of these Crocs have been brought from areas where they were becoming a danger. The Sting Rays were really amazing to watch as they were fed. We both got to hold a 2-year-old crocodile which was really cool. (no photo as this cost $$$) We then had a refreshing brewed beer at the pub across the road.


Still more catch up to come.

Until next time…. Thanks for following 😊

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