Hello Everybody, we were going to go to the Daly River but changed our minds and have gone here instead. (Friday 2nd Oct) It is just shy of 200 Kms south of Darwin and about 74 Kms west inland off the Stuart Highway.

We took the tourist route from Adelaide River and that turned out to be a bit of a giggle. By the time we got to the caravan park, the caravan was a little re-arranged inside as the tourist route although bitumen, was bumpy. Not to worry nothing broken.


We went for a drive this afternoon following the Douglas River along until we came to what they call the Arches. A beautiful rock hole to swim in (if you are game) and rock formations.


This morning we rose early to try and dodge as much heat as possible and drove about 24 Kms through National Park and the privately owned Douglas Station. Once there we walked up and around the rocky hill and then descended down a steep hill to the water hole. It amazes me how these waterholes just seem to pop out of the otherwise flat dry landscape. But of course, when the wet season hits, it is a different place to behold. We then had to make our way back up the steep hill and back to the car. Phew!! Nice spot and only freshwater crocs so good for swimming. Oh, and the only butterfly’s I saw were where we parked the car. 4 all up. 😊

Up the rocky hill
view from above
Look at those rocks!
Stunning Pool

You could also walk along the river a little way.

It was very smoky when we were driving through as they were burning off. The fire just trickles along burning all the underbrush.


We then proceeded to follow a mud map that we received from the caravan park. It took us past a research farm and we then found this beautiful river crossing. The water is so clear and was quite warm.

Another place we would love to re-visit in the cooler months.

Until next time…. Thanks for following 😊

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