Hello Everybody, the last couple of days we have walked around some of the most beautiful national and conservation parks in WA. We stayed at Manjimup, which is 307 kilometres south of the state capital, Perth. From there we visited the towns of Nannup, Bridgetown and Pemberton. All very beautiful amongst rolling hills of green with cattle, sheep, vineyards and fruit orchards. And of course, the tall trees as a backdrop. These towns have a history in timber yards and a lot of the houses are all timber. As a water catchment area there are huge dams scattered everywhere. Some of them are so big they are like lakes.

Here are a few photos of the caravan park we stayed at. Fonty’s Pool, (named after Italian Archimede “Archie” Fontanini who arrived in Fremantle in 1904. He worked for a timber sawmill at Greenbushes for three years, then decided to move near Bridgetown to become a farmer) It has its very own natural running swimming pool. Beautiful.

Nannup – Flower lined footpaths. Very pretty town.

Nannup Tiger!

Bridgetown – all about the bridges!

Pemberton – Also has a natural swimming pool, Kookaburras and 3 Galahs. 🙂

Here are some photos from of our walks. Time to put the feet up and get ready for some serious fishing.

Gloucester Tree – Tony was the only brave one amongst us who climbed the Gloucester tree. 58 Metres up to the cage, climbing a ladder made of steel rods winding themselves around the trunk of the tree like a spiral staircase. If you squint you may see him in the photo below. This was how they used to spot fires back in the 1930’s.

A bit blurry, Tony is wearing grey shorts, standing on platform.

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  1. We went to the tall timbers in 97, I climbed the Gloucester tree, I couldn’t walk for three days but they still use those trees for fire lookouts. I wouldn’t like to climb that several times a day.
    It looks like your all enjoying your selves.

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