Hello Everybody. Yes, we have made it to the top end (Tuesday 8th). Darwin is about 3032 Kms from Adelaide. It is the capital of Northern Territory and situated on the Timor Sea.

We have been checking out the city and surrounds. Darwin waterfront precinct offers views of the sea, restaurants, and hotels. We have been to Cullen Bay, Nightcliff jetty and the Casuarina beach. We were even brave enough to put our feet in the water here.

Darwin Esplanade
View of Darwin from East Point


We also went to the East Point Reserve as this is where the Darwin Military Museum is. Darwin was first bombed on the 19th of February 1942 by the Japanese. They were bombed a total of 64 times. It is an interesting way to spend a couple of hours and it has information on other wars as well. You can also go outside to see the big guns, tanks and trucks.


We have been on a boat tour (Friday 11th) on the Adelaide River to see the crocodiles up close as well as some beautiful Black Kites and Whistling Kites. The crocodiles are amazing and beautiful. The two big males are Dominator and Brutus. They are 75 and 80 years in age, respectively. They each have their own territories and will fight other males to keep it. Brutus only has about 2 teeth now, even though crocodiles regenerate teeth. He also has lots of battles scars. The female crocodiles were plentiful but are very wary of the males. It was great to see them so close and hear the thud of their jaws closing as they reach for the food. Lots of photos 🙂

Crocodile reception
First Crocodile we see. Dominator

The Black Kites and Whistling Kites are numerous and very precise at picking food out of the water while dodging the crocs. Shaun was our guide and has was informative and obviously loves what he does. Well worth doing if you are ever up this way.


To be honest we went here to see Sweetheart. A 5.1 metre crocodile that unfortunately died when they were trying to re-locate him back in the 70’s. He was an amazing size. The rest of the museum and art gallery is very good and diverse in what you can see. I would recommend a visit.


After dinner we thought we would go and make our millions. Didn’t quite go to plan be we have some fun and I think we broke even. Lots more people than we expected but still room to move.


Today (Sun 13th) we set off to Berry Springs. It is only about 48 Kms south of Darwin. If you ever decide to come for a visit, take a picnic lunch as there is plenty of green grass and shade. The springs themselves are a refreshing welcome from the heat and with an upper and lower pool, there is lots of room for everyone. The waterfall is small enough to sit under and get a nice shoulder massage. Sorry everyone, no photos but google if you wish.


This afternoon we went to the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets. If you are hungry this is the place to go! Lots of food from lots of cultures. Crafts, clothing and music to set the scene. As the sun goes down everyone walks onto the shore and watches the sun setting in the distance. The markets start at 4pm and goes to 9pm. Plenty of time to shop or eat. We did both.


Today (Mon 14th) we took a stroll around the gardens. The gardens were renamed after George Brown in 2002 in recognition of 32 years’ service. They have a community garden growing fruit and vegetables. There are lots of tropical plants as you would expect and some magnificent trees. One of which houses George the python. We actually walked under this particular tree and did not see him. It wasn’t until Hazel pointed him out to us that we saw him. He lives here all the time and is enormous.



It was really great to catch up with friend and previous work colleague Hazel. Hazel moved to Darwin 10 years ago and we had lots to catch up on. 😊

Until next time…. Thanks for following 😊

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      1. Hello Paul and Elaine, we are in Jabiru now. 30 second walk to the pool. Noice! We had chilli crabs last night and they were yummy. thank you for the recommendation. We hope you are all well. xxx


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